Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang
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Brand new site!
11 Oct 2010
New features! Instant Confirmation!
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Guest Reviews

TKOGunn from Wichita Falls, Texas

I've stayed at the Hotel Selesa 5 times 2004 thru 2008 and have always enjoyed it! The staff is h...

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Special Offers

Ramadhan Buffet Tradisi Selesa

Pasir Gudang Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang, Hotel Selesa Pasir Gudang  Pasir Gudang

Variety of 100 types of cuisines available!


Special dishes including grilled lamb, smoked beef, kebab , satay, and 'gear box' soup. Also featuring our local favourites such as patin lemak tempoyak, itik lado mudo, sembilang goreng berlado and local deserts


A taste not to be missed!

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